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2 ¼ CF Super LM

Strictly designed for Super Late Model teams, Fast Shafts NEW 2 ¼ OD Super Late carbon fiber driveshafts are designed to withstand more torque and horsepower than the standard 2 ¼ CF driveshaft. Utilizing a unique resin and ceramic fiber winding allows this particular driveshaft to twist more and dampen the shock to the rear tires – proven to maintain drivability for smoother operation. The 2.25 Carbon SL has been tested by a number of upper level super dirt late model teams whom have visited Victory Lane. The unmatched strength and maximum clearance of this driveshaft are the perfect ingredient for WINNING.

u-bolt kit

Extra Long U-Bolt Kit

Hardened steel U-bolt strap kit – fits Ford 9″ 1310 series U-jts. 1/4″ longer than standard. Sold as a complete kit with 2 u-bolts, flat and lock washers, nuts. #UBK-10L

strap kit

Never Overtighten U-Bolts Again!

These Billet strap kits fit Quick Change Rear Ends ball spline Trans Ford 9″ with Short Narrow Yokes.

Includes case hardened bolts, nuts, flat and lock washers. #BBSK-10.

Also available for other U-jt series.

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