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Fast Shafts Driveshafts

Quality Components – we build steel driveshafts using only the best DOM 1020 “Drive Shaft Quality” tubing on the market; 4130 C moly for lighter yet very strong shafts; aluminum alloy 6061-T6 for our lightweight aluminum shafts; and our race-proven carbon fiber division with the best materials and assembly processes in the industry.

Expert Balancing – Every driveshaft that we manufacture is precisely built to our customer’s specifications and professionally balanced using the finest balancing machinery.

Customer Satisfaction – We pride ourselves on building to YOUR exact specifications, down to the 1/16″. We stock products heavily and our 4 Shaft-Master machines allow for same-day builds. We aim to please with quality, service, and delivery time.

shaft masters collage


All shafts are produced to your specifications and professionally balanced. All shafts come with standard GM slip yoke and standard u-joint.

Options include:

  • Large rear or conversion joint
  • Long transmission slip yoke
  • XL long transmission slip yoke
  • No-slip yoke

Stock Car, Street Stock, Hobby Stocks

2 1/2" Hobby Stock Lite

2 1/2" .065 Steel
Approx weight 17 lbs

2 1/2" - 2 3/4" Stock Car Steel

2 1/2" or 2 3/4" .083 DOM Steel
Approx weight 19 lbs

2" Stock Car Steel

2" .095 DOM Steel
Approx weight 15 lbs

2" Stock Car Moly Fastshaft

2" .083 Chrome Moly
Approx weight 13 lbs

Limited Mods, Sports Mods, Modifieds

2 1/4" Carbon Fiber Shaft

2 1/4" Carbon Fiber Material
Approx weight 7 lbs

2" Modified Shaft

2" .120 DOM Steel
Approx weight 14 lbs

2" Modified Moly Fastshaft

2" .083 Chrome Moly
Approx weight 9 lbs

Limited Modified Ultra Lite

2" .065 Chrome Moly
Approx weight 7 lbs

Late Models

2 1/4" Crate Late Model Shaft

2 1/4" Carbon Fiber Material
Approx weight 7 lbs

3 1/4" Carbon Fiber Shaft

3 1/4" Carbon Fiber Material
Approx weight 8 lbs

2" Late Model Shaft

2" .095 Steel
Approx weight 13 lbs

2" Late Model Moly Shaft

2" .083 Chrome Moly
Approx weight 11 Lbs

3" Late Model Aluminum Shaft

Very light, very strong, very FAST - no trans yoke
3" Aluminum
Approx weight 7 lbs

2 3/4" Carbon Fiber Shaft

2 3/4" Carbon Fiber Material
Approx weight 8 lbs

2 ¼ Super LM

2 ¼ Carbon Fiber Material.
Approx weight 7.5 lb

Drag Racing

Carbon Fiber







Please call 800-622-6617 or email for a quote as each shaft is individually made per YOUR specifications!

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