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Who We Are

We’re located at 5387 NW 2nd Street, Des Moines, Iowa – approximately 1/2 mile north of I-80 on 2nd Street and can be reached toll-free at 800-622-6617.

The roots of Fast Shafts stem back to over thirty years ago when Pat Fagen started an axle repair business. It wasn’t long before he realized the demand for a reliable driveshaft builder. Fast Shafts is the result of many years spent testing, innovating, and building driveshafts for street vehicles and the motorsports community. As of today, Fast Shafts is a premier manufacturer of performance driveshafts that supplies race teams and motorsport distributors throughout the United States.

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Quality Products

Each staff member at Fast Shafts understands the expectations of our customer base. We pride ourselves on measuring down to 1/16″ on every driveshaft build. All of our driveshafts are precisely fabricated using quality products and balanced using high-end machinery.

Call us today at 800-622-6617, we have over 35 years of on-track testing experience.


Beau Kaplan


Welcome to the actual #TeamFastShafts. I personally want to thank you for visiting our website. We take pride in who we are, what we do, and, best of all, the customers we get to work with. I learned about the opportunity to buy Fastshafts late in the summer of 2021. It was important that Pat Fagen and I shared the same vision for the company. Fortunately, those mindsets and processes were already in place. There is no gap between our core values – quality products and serving our customers are the key components within the FastShafts group. Throughout the years, Fastshafts has been a pioneer of high-quality performance driveshafts. None of this is possible without our talented team.


Pat Fagen

GM & Founder

In 1992, I, along with my family and a handful of employees, started building CV drive axles. Within six months, we had moved on to building driveshafts for the local dirt circle-track market. Almost 30 years later, we have grown into one of the industry’s leaders in the driveshaft manufacturing world. With the support of many valued customers, chassis builders, racetracks, promoters, performance parts suppliers, and sanctioning bodies, this was made possible. I am very happy that Beau Kaplan has joined me, becoming the new owner to continue my passion and mission. With his family’s involvement in racing for decades, he will add young energy and knowledge to Fastshafts. My plan is to continue doing what I have done with plans to travel more with the Fastshafts support trailer. Stop by the shop or catch me at a racetrack to say hi!

Fast, Faster, Fastest!

Fast Shafts manufactures carbon fiber, steel, aluminum, and chromoly driveshafts. Our complete product offering and services include driveshaft repair, new driveshafts, center sections for Ford 9″ rear ends, transmission slip yokes, rear end yokes, ring and pinions, bearings, spools, shim kits, and more. Additional services include gear lightening and polishing. We are also a remote Bert and Brinn transmissions repair shop. Fast Shafts is a dedicated supporter and supplier of a number of racing series throughout the United States.

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